12 Days of a Photographer’s Christmas


Finding the right gift for everyone on your list can be stressful and challenging. You want to give them something that they’ll enjoy, and you try to base their gift around their interests. So far you’ve shopped around for the cook, the bookworm, and the hobbyist in your circle, but you’re not sure what to get for your friend who is into photography. Fortunately, we’ve come up with some great items that will be sure to delight and show that you understand their passion. Here are 12 gifts they’ll be sure to love.

1. Nixplay Digital Frames

Bring their photo sharing to the next level with Nixplay’s line of digital photo frames. Using a Hu-Motion sensor, the frames turn on when someone enters the room, shuffling to the most recent photo, and turns off when they exit. The newest model is the Nixplay Seed. Ideal for people who want the ease of uploading wirelessly, the Seed connects to all social platforms, including Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, and email. Photographers can share their work easily with family and friends. The slim power cord acts as the frame’s stand, and the frame can be displayed in portrait or landscape. The Nixplay Seed is available in 7-, 8-, and 10-inch versions and comes in black, blue, mulberry, and mango.

2. “Editing Day” Mug

Help keep them caffeinated during those late editing nights. This hand-lettered and hand-pressed mug made by Etsy user TheScribbleStudio will serve as their perfect companion, stressing “Do Not Disturb” with the inscribed #Don’tBotherMe. Available in an 11oz. ceramic mug or a 15oz. travel mug for editing on the go. Pair with their favourite bag of coffee or box of tea.

3. Level Camera Cube

The perfect levelling tool. As all carpenters know, a level foundation is necessary for a building to remain stable. And as all photographers know, even a tripod can’t always help keep a photo balanced. Use this level camera cube to help balance the camera, whether shooting with or without a tripod. Readily slips onto the camera’s hot shoe to get the most zen in your shot.

4. Custom Leather Camera Strap

Let the world know that this camera is theirs with a handcrafted leather camera strap from RSVPhandcrafted. From crossed arrows, a compass, glasses and moustache, or tree branch pattern, there is an option for every photographer in your life. To make it more uniquely theirs, choose a colour tag to add their name, initials, or monogram. Colours range from pearl to lime green. Pair it with a matching luggage tag for their camera bag.

5. Decorative Camera Case

Instead of the standard black camera bag, showcase your photographer’s personality with a decorative camera case from Janine King Design. This bag design includes a protective inner core that is water resistant and designed to protect precious gear. Featured is a paisley elephant design that suits the chicest of photographers. Select from over 80 designs. Pair it with a matching camera strap for a matching set.

Have a Star Wars fan in your life? Opt for ThinkGeek’s Star Wars Chewbacca Camera Bag and matching camera strap.

6. Camera Lens Mug

Perfect for lovers of DSLR lenses, this travel mug is as real as it gets. Except instead of working parts on the inside, it’s a delicious hot or cold beverage of their choice. A great conversation piece, this mug will be sure to draw second glances. The hood top is ideal as a coaster or plate for a quick snack. Pair with a bag of treats for snacking between shots!

7. Mobile Lighting Kit

Missed out on the Golden Hour or faced with bad lighting in general? Gift this mobile lighting kit for proper lighting on the go. Ideal for the phonetographer in your life, this kit includes a pocket spotlight, pocket reflector, and rainbow filter set that can be mixed and matched. It also comes with a pocket guide, Photojojo’s Guide to Photo EnLIGHTenment.

8. Microfiber Lens Cleaning Skinny Necktie

Nothing ruins a perfect shot like a smudged lens. From sticky kid fingers to dust particles looking for a new home, lenses can become dirty from an array of culprits. Not only is this microfiber necktie fashionable and business-appropriate, but also it is at the ready to clean any glass surface. This microfiber necktie is useful for phones, tablets, or glasses. Never suffer from a dirty lens again, as the solution is around your neck.

9. Vintage Camera Print Flight Bag

Prep them for long distance travel to shoots. Inspired by the evolution of the camera, this print bag features styles like the Polaroid camera and the point-and-shoot. Vegan friendly and non-leather, it is made out of 95% recycled material—so your favourite photographer can be green while making some green. Other options in the same print include a messenger bag and travel pouch. Include a TSA-approved toiletry kit so they are ready to go!

10. Lens Attachment

Your phonetographer will thank you. These cell phone lenses from Photojojo make taking photos on the go a breeze! No need to drag around a bulky DSLR camera and case. These lenses are small enough to fit in pocket or purse. Pick from one of five—or buy them all! Options include a wide/macro, fisheye, super fisheye, polarizer, or telephoto lens. These lenses are able to work with any device that has a lens on it (even laptops!). Add on one of their Dorito-shaped lens pouches to protect their new lenses.

11. Vintage Camera Pillows

vintage photo pillow

Do you have a photographer in your life that loves their camera so much they just want to cuddle up with it? Make their dreams come true by gifting them a vintage inspired camera pillow. Available in The Tourist, Instant Shooter, or Flash Bulb, these pillows will fit well in a bedroom or office. The images are printed on cotton sateen and sewn onto cotton-twill by creator Rona J Smith.

From personalised camera straps to digital frames, there are endless options that will be the picture perfect gift for the photographer in your life. Some are more “out of frame” than others, but all will make for a great photo op on Christmas Day!

12. Photo App Pin

Help them showcase their love for their favourite photo app pin! Made out of laser cut acrylic, these pins mimic the icons for Pinterest, Photoshop, and Instagram, allowing photography lovers to represent their favourite. Place on a beanie, shirt, or camera strap. Suggest removing the backing and using as a push pin to hang up their work.

Happy gifting.

Guest Author

Hannah Nava loves writing about any topic, and Christmas is no exception! She currently writes on behalf of digital frame experts at Nixplay. When not marrying words, Hannah enjoys reading science fiction, fantasy, and dystopian works; sipping margaritas (always frozen); and trying to make the world a happier place. Tweet her @hannahmnava or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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