I get asked a lot of questions via this web site, some questions are asked quite frequently and my answer is usually the same, so I thought I’d try and reduce the number of emails and save you time by adding the frequently asked questions and answers here.

1. When will I be running photography basics courses again?

Any courses that I run will have the dates published on this web site. I do have a demanding day job so any courses will be run at the weekend, usually the Sunday. I am hoping to run one or two longer courses in the future and also some email based courses that you can subscribe to from anywhere.

2. Can you recommend a camera?

With so many cameras available on the market these days it’s very hard to recommend a particular camera. If you let me know your budget and what you want to use it for then I can give you some ideas, but I don’t know everything about each and every camera model out there. As  general rule, for DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras I would stick to the main brands; Canon, Nikon, Fuji and maybe Sony.

3. Do I teach one to one lessons in photography?

Yes, please contact me and we’ll work from there. I charge £25 per hour for tuition.

4. Do I teach Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop?

Yes, but only on the one to one courses for now.

5. Can I email you when the course dates are available?

I get lots of requests to email people when I run courses but it gets very hard to manage and remember everyone that has asked. If you subscribe to my newsletter using the form on the right, you will get notified when I update the site with new dates and new articles. You won’t get spammed and your email address won’t be shared with anyone.

6. I don’t know how every single camera works.

I often get asked how specific cameras work, unfortunately I only know the cameras that have used which has been a Sony Alpha a700, fuji X-Pro1 and fuji x100s. I do like gadgets, but don’t expect me to know every little detail about every camera ever made.

7. Can you critique my photos?

Yes I can but do expect honest constructive critique. You won’t learn anything if I just say “Oh, that’s nice”. If you want me to critique your work then please send me a link to where I can see them online such as Flickr.com. Please don’t send me the images on email and I will only critique two or three images at a time so please be specific about which ones you want me to look at.

8. Does an expensive camera make my images better?

Short answer… No.

Longer answer… No, but by learning the fundamentals of photography and understanding how best to apply them, you will learn whether or not you need to upgrade your camera gear to make better use of what the camera offers. If you want to spend lots of money on camera equipment, then why not pay for lessons or workshops rather than but lots of equipment you’ll never know how to use?

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