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MeSo who is this bloke who’s trying to teach me photography? You may ask….

Well, my name is Garry, I’m a 30 something year old web designer/developer who has been interested in, and learning, photography since about the year 2001. I do not class myself as an expert, but I like to think I have sufficient knowledge to help other people learn photography and give them the starting block they might need to get going.

I live in the North West of England, but I’m originally from West Sussex on the South coast of England. I have taught Basic Digital Photography as a ten week evening class course which, according to the people who attended, was very good and at a level that was easy to understand, so hopefully that means I can explain things well and in a way that doesn’t blind you with science or technical terms, but still gets the point across.

I enjoyed the teaching, and I wanted a way to share what I know with a larger audience. So a web site seemed the obvious choice, and being a web developer helped a little too.

If you want to know what gear I use, well in late 2006 I entered into the world of DSLRs by buying myself a Sony Alpha 100. Why did I choose this camera, well it was getting great reviews, it’s 10 megapixel and it has Super Steady Shotâ„¢ built in which is a major bonus. This helps a great deal in getting your images nice and sharp as it compensates for small movements in the camera while you take the shot. In 2008 I upgraded to the Sony Alpha a700 which gives me a wider usable ISO range and other improved features. At the time I was running a web forum on the Konica Minolta and Sony DSLR range, so I couldn’t really choose another manufacturer could I! In 2014 I made the move and jumped the Sony ship and went Fuji with a Fujifilm X-Pro1 mirrorless camera and a couple of lenses. I also added the excellent Fuji X100s to my collection.
It was a bold move, but one I am happy I did.

I’m happy to answer any question you might have, and you can get in contact via the contact form on this site. Before you do contact me and ask me a question though, just remember, that there are a lots of different types of cameras and I am not an expert in them all. I can give you advice based on personal experience and some pointers in the right direction but I may not know the ins and outs of every camera ever made.

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    1. Very hard to recommend a camera as there are so many different types. The best idea is to go to your local camera shop and try a few out that fit your budget, then look for the best deal.

  1. Fabulous site, clear interesting information, at the moment I am using a Canon EOS 7D with EFS 17/55mmlens, a 70/300mm both from Canon and a Sigma 85mm all borrowed from my son, I love the whole experience of using this camera.

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