3rd Annual Photo Walk – July 24th 2010

Photo Walk

Ok, budding photographers, it’s that time of year when Scott Kelby organises the annual photo walk, and once again I am organising a photo walk as I enjoyed it last year even though the weather wasn’t great.

I am still working out the route, but it will be close to, or in, Northwich this year instead of near Oldham like last year. I am thinking that this time we’ll keep closer to civilisation and make it a bit more of a social event as well as taking pictures. The canals around Northwich are my likely choice but I’ll be announcing the route very soon and will be giving you a link where you can register your participation.

I’m looking forward to it already!

2 thoughts on “3rd Annual Photo Walk – July 24th 2010

  1. Hi, just to say I recently took my A level Photograpy students on field trip to Northwhich. It has some very interesting industrial sites which can be viewed from the road and especially from the Anderton Boat lift.Which in its self is a good location for a shoot. The Bruner Mond chemical works look stunning at night time.
    Hvae Fun

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