An example of depth of field


In another post about aperture priority, I talked about depth of field as being the amount of the photo that is in focus for a given aperture setting.

The following two images demonstrate this. The first uses an aperture of f2.8 which is a very wide aperture meaning the hole that light can pass through is large. This gives a narrow depth of field with only a small area of the image in focus.

Depth Of Field f2.8

The next image shows the other extreme, a very small aperture, f22. This has much more of the image in focus, but requires a longer shutter speed.

Depth Of Field f22

Try the different aperture settings on your camera and learn how changing the aperture will effect the image.

5 thoughts on “An example of depth of field

  1. This is an excellent example, coupled with the short article explaining aperture priority mode it has really helped me understand things better. Thanks !

  2. Hi Frank, glad you found it useful. The wing, I think, is from a … well, it’s not a harrier, but the one that’s very similar to a harrier, or maybe came before the harrier that looks exactly the same. It’s sitting at Brooklands museum.

  3. They are called vortex generators, nice and concise explanation using an excellent example. Thanks.

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