Updates, or lack of

Photography Basics

These last few weeks, since having an operation, I was hoping to get loads of useful info on this site and really get it going, but as usual life just got in the way. My freelance web development work suddenly got busy and the sun came out too.

The good thing is that I have been making sure I got out and about taking lots of pictures to help demonstrate some of the things I have already talked about on this site, plus I have some photos ready for future articles which again will help demonstrate the points I am trying to make. I have several articles in ‘production’ that just need a few things finished off before they can be published so we should be back to regular updates soon.

I want to make sure when I write information that I don’t confuse people, and hopefully so far I haven’t done that. Example photos are the key to this, so it’s been good to actually take some pictures, and good that I know I will be able to explain some key aspects of photography clearly.

I have also been spending a little and have bought 2 new lenses, plus a set of extension tubes for my Sony Alpha 100 DSLR. This brings me up to an almost complete kit bag with only a decent flash, a tripod and maybe one more lens to complete my set up. OK, so it’ll never be complete, but it’ll give me everything I will need to satisfy a wide range of photography styles. I just need to resist buying too much more!

What I hope to do is to review the kit I use, not so much from a technical point of view, but from a photographer point of view taking into consideration cost, build quality and results plus anything else that applies to that particular piece of equipment. So that’s still to come once I’ve got more of the basics posted.

An online photography course is also planned later in the year. This will take the form of a weekly email giving you tips and information about a particular subject, and a task. Your photos for each task can then be uploaded and reviewed giving you advice on ways you could have improved your picture, or ways you could have done things differently.

As the web site grows, hopefully in popularity too, I will try and get guest articles by photographers giving their views and advice for beginners and those of you considering digital photography as a hobby or maybe a career move.

So, lots of big plans. Each will take some time to plan to make sure it is executed in the best way so you, the reader, get the most benefit from it, but rest assured, this site won’t be left to gather dust.

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