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I am always looking for inspiration for my photography, and what better way than to look at what other people are taking pictures of, how they are taking them, and also how they are presenting them. Presentation can have a big effect on the impact of an image so it’s well worth spending time improving that side to your work too.

So, I thought I’d post a few links to some other web sites that not only have great images, but also have a great approach to photography.

The first is a site called sisters by a Photographer called Jason Lee. I saw a post about his work over on Strobist (another excellent site) and was impressed by the images of his two young daughters, who are not only cute kids, but seem very willing to pose for their dad in all sorts of fancy dress and other get ups. The images are great, lighting is superb as is the approach and theme of the collection. I wonder how happy they will be when their dear old dad brings out these pictures on their 18th birthdays in front of all their friends!

Next comes the site of Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir and in particular her self portraits. Not only are they great photos, but to be the person taking the picture too (obviously done by remote trigger or self timer) and setting up the shot takes a lot of skill.

My final link is to The Manipulator. No it’s not some freakish robot sent back from the future to alter the human race, it’s to the excellent work of Jill Greenberg who uses the digital darkroom (the computer) to produce fantastic images. This is top end commercial work and you can tell by the people she has got to photograph and the commercial work she has done that she is definitely a talent.

So there are three inspirational sites for you to look at. Hopefully you too will be inspired by them. I’d like to hear about photos that have inspired you recently, maybe we can build a little ‘inspiration’ section of this site.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Inspiration

  1. Some fantastic inspiration there, I’d seem some of those images before (especially Jill Greenberg’s advertising shots) but it’s nice to see more work by the way people.

    I think my inspiration comes more from people around me, I have friends who take wonderful pictures of everyday things which make me look at the world a little bit differently.

  2. Hi Garry,

    Thanks for the kind words about my photos. And yes, I will definitely bring these photos out on their birthdays, for many years to come.



  3. hi’
    i loved your photography basics.They say time and tide dont wait for anyone but we can relive time with precious moments caught under our lens…its time we celebrate life coz its given just once..njoy

  4. hiya, im really sorry but i dont know your name but i think your inspiration is wonderful, u really give me inspiration even more than i had to persue a career for myself in photography, if you could i would like you to keep intouch and give me advice when i need it but thats only if thats ok with me,


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