Photography Quick Tip#5 – Always have your camera with you

Photography Quick Tips

This is a simple tip and it’s that you should carry your camera around with you whenever you can.

Even it’s just your mobile phone camera, you’ve got a means to record an event. OK, you may not get the best picture, but you can capture a moment that may be important to you, or an unusual event.

This picture is one I managed to get using my DLSR and a 70-210mm lens set at 210mm. The conditions weren’t good, very overcast and the smoke from the fire added to the poor visibility.


As my DSLR has 10 Megapixels it enables you to crop (cut off) a lot of the image and still retain a usable amount of quality. So using the same image and a tighter crop I ended up with a nicer composition that shows enough detail to tell the story of what was going on.


So because I had my camera (as did lots of other people gathering on the shore to watch) I was able to capture a record of an event with a reasonably pleasing result.

Having a small compact camera is great to just put in your pocket of you go out for a walk, or you go for a drive, just in case that moment comes along.

By the way, all six crew got off the boat safely with no injuries and the boat was left to burn all the fuel off and it finally sank an hour after I took these shots.

9 thoughts on “Photography Quick Tip#5 – Always have your camera with you

  1. A quite a good tip, one I should follow, also. I do not often take my camera with me and always end up regretting it. It’s a known fact, wonderful lights only happen when you’ve no way to take a shot.

  2. glad nobody was injured on that boat.

    same thing happens to me quite often – forgetting to take a camera with me and regretting it later.

    Garry, how did you get your Comments to say things like – 1 comment so far, 2 comments already, etc.?

  3. The comment text came as part of the theme. I can dig out the code if you want. I assume it’s just a check on the total with an if statement to put the appropriate words in. Give me a shout if you want the code.

    1. It’s very hard to say which camera to get without knowing what sort of photography you want to do, how much money you have to spend and if you have any equipment for a certain brand already. There are so many cameras on offer that it’s very hard to recommend one particular model.

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