Photography Quick Tip#7 – Watch wildlife first

Photography Quick Tips

If you are trying to take pictures of wildlife, the first thing to do is to sit down, out the way, quietly, and just watch the animal you want to take a picture of.

Getting used to how it behaves will let you get closer to it, and you might get a more spectacular image from it. I’ve used the example of a dragonfly before, but it is a great example.

If you come across a dragonfly basking in the sun and scare it off, just stop, stay quiet and chances are the dragonfly will return to the same point, so you can line yourself up ready for the shot.

For birds (the feathered variety) watch for where they perch. They are likely to be using the same perch over and over again so just sit and watch them and see where they go before trying to get the shot.

Patience is the key here. Don’t expect to just walk up to something, take the picture and walk off, you might have to sit and wait for half an hour or longer until the subject becomes comfortable with you, then you’ll find it easier to get the picture you intended.

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