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I will be covering shooting (photographically, not bulletty) wildlife in more detail in the future, but I just found a good post by Chris Garrett from the DSLRBlog called Wildlife Photography Tips For Beginners. It’s got some good advice for going from taking pictures of your pets or creatures in your garden to getting out and taking some proper wildlife.

Wildlife photography is so varied and can cover anything from taking pictures of butterflies to buffaloes. Some of it requires some specialist equipment like long fast lenses but if you can get close to the animals without scaring them off then the more basic lenses can be fine.

Knowing the animals behavior is key too, and that can only be learnt by watching them from a distance. For instance dragonflies will usually return to the same spot if they get scared off, so it’s just a case of being patient, quiet and still and should get the shot.

Ever since I started photography, it’s given me a greater appreciation for wildlife which is no bad thing. So take a peek at Chris’ DSLRBlog and pick up some good tips.

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