The day of the Photo Walk

Photo Walk

Well, today is the day of the Worldwide Photo Walk in Northwich. Obviously the Northwich event is only a small part of the big picture (excuse the pun) and there will be thousands of photographers around the world out taking pictures today which is great news.

For those coming along to the Northwich walk, the weather is looking promising and I’m looking forward to it. At the moment it’s only events like this that I get to go out with my camera so hopefully I can bring back some decent pictures. The question is though, what lens to bring?

When I do these types of events I like to challenge myself and stick to one lens only. Yes, I might miss some opportunities for a good picture, but it does help you get more creative, look around you more for the shot and makes you concentrate a bit more on taking the shot. All good ways to learn. I’m currently leaning towards the wide angle 11-18mm for some interesting perspectives, but I’ll make the final decision just before I leave the flat.

I’ll be tweeting during the walk too, so follow @photobasics if you want to see what’s going on, look out for the #WWPW tag on twitter to see what other walks are going on too. I’ll try and take a few shots from my iPhone along the way too. I’ll do a full report after the event too.

If you can’t make it to any of the photo walks, why not just take half an hour to wander round your garden with your camera and take a few shots, or take your camera with you when you take the dog for a walk. Either way, get out there and take some photos.

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