Oldham Photo Walk went well

Photo Walk

Oldham Photo Walk (8 of 14)Well, 12 of us braved the threat of rain and ended up spending the afternoon with blue sky (plus a few clouds) and sunshine on a walk through Park Bridge and Daisy Nook.

There were a few people I’d met before on my photography basics courses and a few new faces. All enthusiastic and nice people which was good. I hope they all got some great shots and will be entering the photo competition.

I did remarkably well and didn’t lose anyone along the way, which is always a bonus, I managed to tweet a little bit throughout the walk but must admit I spent most of the walk talking rather than taking pictures, which is no bad thing.

I had one minor disaster. I managed to set my camera to the lowest image quality for about half an hour without realising, so I have a few low quality jpegs of things, but fortunately no award winning pictures were ruined because of it.

I’ll be putting some thought into running some more photo walks, as it sounds like it will be a popular activity. Chester Zoo will be next, and I’ll get details of that one up on the site very soon.

So, thank you to all those who made it along to the photo walk, please keep in touch and if you have any ideas for another walk then just let me know.

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